Sir G Dayanand


Sir G Dayanand successfully has established a golden age for all the ventures and has made a mark as a successful business entrepreneur. Under ageis Sri Srinivasa Educational & Charitable Trust has established two professional colleges for Technology and Medicine - Sapthagiri College of Engineering and Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre and Super Speciality Sapthagiri Hospital.

"It gives me an immense pleasure in welcoming you to our company and to take you through what I believe in the Healthcare Frontier of Clinical Research in India and Asia Pacific Region.

Though a lot has been done, there is so much more to do in the area of Clinical Research. Despite all the positive efforts made a considerable demand supply gap for high quality Clinical Research services remains. At Sapthagiri Clintrac we remain committed to the larger purpose of expanding access to Clinical Research so it is available within easy reach for all the Pharma, Medical device and Biotech companies across the world. Our research extends beyond our customers, making a real difference to their end-customers as well. This is what we at Sapthagiri Clintrac believe “Research” is in its true sense.

We intend to exercise all the resources at our command to deliver Clinical Research excellence with compassion and at an affordable price to bring in a positive impact on the lives of people. Sapthagiri Clintrac strives to contribute its bit in creating a world which is safer and better.

I personally believe that the ability to change and challenge are the two important quotients which will help us drive our research and our future.

I want to take Sapthagiri Clintrac work practice and ethics beyond borders, beyond geographies. I invite you to view our company at close quarters and be a part of this ardent journey. “

Mr Balaji D


Mr Balaji D is Chief Executive Officer of the Srinivasa Enterprises Pvt. Ltd and G.D Group. He is the son of Mr.G.Dayanand, a graduate in international business, has taken over many responsibilities to steer the Group into newer realms of business expansion. A strategic corporate culture that clearly reflects in his rich capability in inspiring leadership and quality service at every level.